Architect Education Series

Specified Building Products is proud to offer the following educational course offerings. If you would like to request a live AES session in your area, please complete our form. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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DoorWall Systems

Enabling Building & Occupant Use Trends

AIA | CES Credit: 1 LU, HSW

Course Description: Traditional production doors are very limited in applications where architectural design integration is a priority. The course provides insight into emerging building construction and occupant use trends as well as the various types and applications of customizable architectural openings. Learn how new safety features and door standards contribute to sustainable design with energy efficient, high performance components that require less valuable building real estate.

Learning Objectives:

  • Assess current building material technologies
  • Explore emerging occupant use trends
  • Identify problems with traditional doors that do not support contemporary construction and designs
  • Learn how Architectural Direct Drive Door Systems support current and future design trends
  • Understand the opportunities for Architectural Direct Drive Doors to contribute to LEED credits and sustainability

McKeon Door Company

Opening Doors to Design Opportunities with the Model Building Codes

AIA | CES Credit: 1 LU, HSW

Course Description: This course covers the fundamental principles of the IBC. Included but not limited to is an understanding of fire walls, barriers and a brief review of opening protective applications. To acquaint the design team with basic building code requirements that drive the use of fire and smoke rated wide span opening protectives, the course covers topics such as area separation, elevator lobbies, shaft enclosures, mixed use occupancy, horizontal exits and atriums.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn to differentiate between fire walls and fire barriers
  • Understand the regulatory standards governing the use and application of wide span opening protectives
  • Examine numerous case studies and learn the fundamental code requirements that drive the placement of fire walls and fire barriers, their openings and opening protectives
  • Understand the direct correlation between life safety, product application and open design


Integrated Door Opening Assemblies as a Solution to Common Opening Problems

AIA | CES Credit: 1 LU, HSW

Course Description: Doors and hardware make up 1%-2% of the entire cost of a construction project yet create more than 20% of the problems. This course focuses on how Integrated Door Opening Assemblies can prevent or mitigate these problems with LEED Certified solutions.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the concept of an Integrated Opening Assembly and what makes it an integrated assembly
  • Identify the code influences on life safety and fire-rated openings and the solutions offered by integrated openings
  • Understand and detail common applications for integrated openings
  • Understand the features, options and benefits offered by integrated openings
Custom Openings