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Specified Door Systems - All-Glass Sliding Doors

Product Description

The Specified Door Systems SF 20 Sliding Doors allow you to experience a whole new sense of well-being and expand your amount of accessible free space. The un-insulated sliding glass system creates light and space in a huge variety of environments. Whether used as glazing for your balcony, glazing for your terrace or for your new conservatory, as a transparent room divider or for a business entrance with ball bearing-mounted runners that ensure optimum, smooth-running movement of the sliding sections. The sliding system can bet fitted with floor - mounted or with sunken floor runners - the choice is yours!

Size – Custom sizing; height variations up to 3/4" (20 mm)

Specified Door Systems - Glazed Folding Doors

Product Description

The made-to-measure, vertical construction of the Glazed Folding Doors the folding glass doors means that the entirety of the glass panels can be easily and flexibly opened and closed. The floor runners of the folding glass wall can be either fitted onto, or sunken into the floor. The latter option removes any boundaries between your living space and nature and means that you can achieve harmony between your workplace and nature. The system is equipped with concealed, anti-intrusion fittings, which offer you the best possible levels of security – something you’ll really notice.

Glazed Folding Door SF 55
The SF 55 folding glass wall reflects your attitude towards life on a wholly new level. The insulating aluminum system provides a secure seal around a heated living space whilst also creating a seamless transition to the outside.

Glazed Folding Door SF 75H
The SF 75 H folding glass wall is constructed from triple laminated wood and offers a seamless transition from inside to outside. You can experience the natural beauty of the wood and enjoy the cozy atmosphere created by the highly insulating system. As a naturally re-growing raw material, wood combines ideal ecological and economical aspects and makes sustainable building a possibility.

Specified Door Systems - Horizontal Sliding Walls

Product Description

The SF 40 H Horizontal Sliding Wall System is functionality in its most beautiful form. The un-insulated all-glass system is fully operational without the need for sections to be supported by vertical frames – so nothing gets in the way of the view! The large glass windows of the sliding glass wall are not connected to each other which means not only that operation of the system is reliable but also that the system is low maintenance. The sliding elements can be opened individually, inwards, outwards or in the center and can be pushed to one or both sides.

Size – Custom sizing; height adjustment after installation possible.

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